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Heavy Duty Sports Event Lamp Hoist and Cord Reel

QR4 Electric Winch

Versatile, Metal Gears, Built to Last.

Whether you are lifting a basketball backstop, curtains, batting cages, Matlamps or other heavy loads, which would you trust more: Metal Gears or Plastic Gears?

This is a no brainer for us.

The UL Listed QR4 has high-strength metal gears that outperform other materials under strenuous conditions, especially plastic.

This winch is specified to continuously run at the maximum rated load of 1250 lbs/566 kilograms for the motors' rated duty cycle without sustaining any gear damage.

You simply will not find another gymnasium winch on the market that comes close to the durability and performance of the QR4.

This hoist includes one transmitter and 2 receivers. 1 receiver turns the MATLAMP on and one receiver raises and lowers the MATLAMP

All Components UL Approved

Your price today- $2650 +$150 shipping!

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