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Sports Lamp State of the Art

The Sports Event Lamp is the only illumination needed at a match. It will improve the experience for both your athletes and fans! The Sports Event Lamp makes the match the center of attention. With more enthusiasm from fans focused on the event, they can cheer their favorites on better than ever. A Sports Event Lamp is the most effective and efficient solution to your lighting needs.

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The Last Word in Sports Lamps

These lamps are both efficient and easy to install. It is the best lighting fixture you can buy for your program today.

Simply Stated

Guide Form Specifications

The lamp itself is complete once a small clip is attached. The fixture includes a complete ballast housing, reflector and lamp. The setup is suitable for continuous service indoors.

Mechanical Construction

The ballast housing and structural parts, including mounting hub, is of die cast aluminum. To mount the lamp you should have a separate lightweight mounting component that can be easily removed from the ballast housing. This should be assembled with the structural or mounting hardware prior to the mounting of the remainder of the lamp.

All screws requiring removal during normal conduit mounting and/or wiring should be captive. The wiring access cover plate should also be captive. The ballast housing and optical assembly should come with easy-to-read moisture resistant nameplates which can be read without disturbing the luminaire when installed. All ballast housings and optical assemblies should include provisions for the optional field mounting of safety chains.

Optical Assembly

For ease of installation and to facilitate maintenance and replacement the lamp is shipped as one assembly. Mounting of the optical assembly to the ballast assembly is secured by positive vibration resistant means. The optical assembly should be enclosed and gasketed. The reflector is aluminum. The reflector shall be textured to provide precise light control for HID sources.

Your price today - $950 + $100 shipping! Now taking VISA & MasterCard as well as PayPal, Purchase Orders & checks

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