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Conquer Your Demons

Wrestling (and any other one on one sport) is as much mental as it is physical. Gaining a mental edge over competition can be the key to success. Visualization and goal setting is a superior method to ignite your wrestlers minds for competition. Visualization is the newest frontier in athletics. It helps wrestlers improve in critical areas such as goal setting, visualizing technique, positive attitude, weight training, academic success, and career goals.

The talks are based on fundamental aspects including-

All talks are 20 to 22 minutes of audio (mp3 files which play on Windows media player) and are available for immediate download. A talk played once or twice a week will stimulate positive interest in these critical areas of wrestling success. Tapes are effective when played to a group at the end of practice as a cool down. They are also effective on an individual level.


Order all 4 right now for $30 and be improving within the hour

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